TOP 10 Reasons to Hire a Washington Domestic Violence Attorney

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If you are charged with a domestic violence crime in Olympia, Seattle or Tacoma, it is imperative that you hire a domestic violence attorney.

You could be facing many negative consequences, and domestic violence attorneys have the experience and insight to help you through this charge. If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime, your first call should be to Horwath Law.

Possible prison time.
Personal liberties taken away.
Inaccurate 911 calls.
No contact orders.
Witness tampering.
Trial proof.
Plea negotiation.
Evidence procurement.
False allegations.
Child Protective Services issues.

1. Most importantly, if convicted of a domestic violence crime, you could be facing jail or prison time and thousands of dollars in fines.

2. If convicted of a domestic violence crime, you will lose your right to possess firearms and may have to give the Court a DNA sample. You could also have to contact the court every time you want to leave the state.

3. Witnesses or alleged victims often times call 911 to report an incident. There are evidentiary issues that domestic violence attorneys are familiar with to exclude these 911 calls from being used at trial.

4. Often times a judge will impose a no contact order so a domestic violence attorney can help with getting that order lifted or prevent the order from being imposed in the first place.

5. Domestic violence attorneys have investigators who can interview witnesses to the incident. If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, if you talk to a witness or alleged victim about your charge, then this could be witness tampering. Witness tampering is another crime itself.

6. Domestic violence attorneys know how to look at the elements of a crime and analyze what can actually be proven at trial.

7. A prosecutor may have you try to plead guilty as charged with treatment and other classes, but a domestic violence attorney knows how to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best outcome.

8. A domestic violence attorney will be able to quickly get a copy of the police report, 911 calls, and any other evidence that the prosecutor may try to use against you. A public records request on your own to get these materials could take weeks or months.

9. People can make false allegations against you, and the police will arrest you. A domestic violence attorney can disprove these allegations.

10. If a domestic violence allegation is child abuse, CPS may become involved. Although the allegation is a criminal issue and dealing with CPS is a civil issue, a domestic attorney can help lessen the impact of the charge to try to lessen any problems with CPS.

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