Emelia Hickok

Emelia Hickok


About Emelia

Emelia leads with compassion and empathy at the forefront. She represents her clients as she would her own family: fiercely, competently, and non-judgmentally. She’s always fought for the underdog; both the criminally accused, and more recently on behalf of accident victims battling big insurance companies.

A proud Washingtonian, Emelia was born in and raised in the Seattle/Tacoma area. She graduated from the University of Washington with honors, studying Spanish and Political Science. Thereafter, she attended Gonzaga University where she was recognized at graduation with the Pro Bono Distinction for her work with  the YWCA Domestic Violence Legal Clinic.

A good lawyer knows that presenting her best case involves knowing what makes her opponent tick. Emelia has spent her career soaking up knowledge from both sides of the legal aisle, in dozens of courtrooms up and down Western Washington. She’s been both a criminal prosecutor (in Spokane County) and a criminal defense attorney (practicing in nearly every county West of the Cascades.) Civilly, she worked as Staff Counsel for one of the largest insurance agencies in the country, and now regularly teams up against them on behalf of injured claimants seeking just compensation.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for a jury trial, an arbitration, or a zealous oral argument, Emelia also realizes the importance of her quieter skills: creative and persuasive negotiation tactics, an expertly-analyzed legal brief, and the oft forgotten art of integrity in her dealings with clients and colleagues.

In her free time, she enjoys home renovation projects, volunteering at her kids’ schools, and exploring the cuisine, sights and scenery of the beautiful PNW.